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14 August 2011

All the words that comes from heart !

When someone see my smile,
it doesn't means that I will always be happy,
When someone see I laugh a lot,
it doesn't means there is no sadness in my life,

when someone talk with me,
It doesn't means they love the way I am,
so, what can I say, 
I can't make all of them satisfied with me..

When I'm hurt someone,
I can't always know it,
it was because i'm only a normal human being not superb !

When what I do people don't like it,
I can't avoid it
because I don't want to do the things I don't like at all..

When someone always see my bad,
I only can smile to them,
and my heart will cry a lot..

I just want to be myself !
Being a happy go lucky person..
always smile to everyone..
always tell happy story to them

what I want to do is,

happy with this ? like and comment dear :)

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