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21 July 2011

the story of my silence

15 JULY 2011,
i wake up early in the morning juz want to know about my UPU resault.. wait untill 12 pm and all the unwaited things come. I anxiously opened my lappy and search for ipta website.. unfortunatelly, the resault was bad, and I decided to choose UNIVERSITI KUALA LUMPUR for continue my studies.. I feel realy bad and decided to remain silent. dont want to open my facebook, blog and all thoose thing.. shame with friends..
17 JULY 2011,
I enrolled at UNIVERSITI KUALA LUMPUR. The environment at the university is not looks like what i've expected. Its not only me that did not get ipta, but there are many more. in the evening, i have to attend for orentation. its quite bored and doesnt make ke feel happy.. it was the worst orentation i've attend..  Almost of the studets did not being like their own age.. even there is 21 and above years old studentd, but they didnt act like they are matured enough ! i tried to adapt with the culture.
p/s : for my beloved friends, Nor Hidayah Arbain, wan Nurul shahrain, Hazleena suhimi, thank always supporting me.. I will not forgetting all of you.. 

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